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New Directions

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New DirectionsTherapist and Client

This program is individually designed to meet the specialized needs of adult men and women who have not benefited from traditional residential treatment programs. Those identified for this program have more chronic and acute problems with addictive disease and general mental health issues and need a longer time to stabilize in the least restrictive environment. Group and individual treatment sessions, recreational activities, and support from community groups are an integral part of the program here.

Length of stay is open-ended, and is dependent on the individual’s needs.

As clients progress in treatment, they are able to earn privileges such as leaving campus independently to attend school or work part-time. Treatment teams work with the client and their family or significant others to create a plan that provides the client with the optimal opportunity for success after discharge

For additional information about New Directions contact E. Grijalva (520) 327-9863 or by emailing egrijalva@compasshc.org.


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